-Does any of those things resonate with you?

– You are wondering why your house now feels so monotonous when its lampshades and colors used to excite you as soon as you set a foot into the door.

– You feel lost with the multitude of decorative rules to follow, all the different styles and all the different ways you could be making a mistake.

– Your designer’s choice scares you.

-You are afraid you won’t like the result.

– There are areas in your house that do not create a sense of ease and comfort.

There may be places in which you are not able to work or sleep.

-Your house is always messy.

– Your house is full of objects, souvenirs, collections. And nothing move in your life.

– You are like a squirrel and are afraid to need something than you don t have …so your house is full of things than you don t need. Just in case of…

– There is an area(s) of your life who doesn’t work well….Things are not going the way you would like them to.

– You are drained and lacking energy.

If one or more of those questions applied to you it means you can make changes and improve your life.

You have probably heard that dreaming of a house means your inside or someone saying I feel so well when I am cleaning my house it is therapeutic. When you do some changes inside yourself or in your house, it is one step towards a complete well being.

Review your choice of life, what actions needs to be taken, remove your brakes, and move on to attracting what you really want. Quantic laws are very powerful. With some remedies, elevate your vibrations and let the energy flow freely and allow yourself to be the creator of your life. You are the only one that can make changes, nobody else can do it for you. It is your responsibilities and you must have the control of your life. The same principle applied to your house.

There is a pure and true difference between a house who just feel cold and another one where it just feels like.. “Wow, that house really has a soul!” You can invest a lot of money into your house, have the most wonderful decor, the most expensive couch and still feel like a cold and empty space. A place that might be quite enjoyable to look at, but where you don’t feel really comfortable and where you can’t fully live. A designer might be able to help you choose the perfect color or add the newest tendance to your house but it might not be what you really need or what is suitable to you. Most of the time it is the reflection of the designer’s own taste.

Your house should be your unique print or the family’s print. Not the one of a stranger or just because it is in fashion. We now know that the real beauty is coming from the inside and depends of the love you have for yourself. You might try to change it from the outside by adding brand name clothes, esthetic surgery, but you will never experience true healing if you don’t love yourself. You can spend a lifetime trying to fill the lack in your life with all sort of things, relationships, emotional buyers, and never be truly happy because you are searching for a solution outside of yourself, while what you are searching for is inside. The same applies to your house.

I propose a unique concept, a process to guide you towards discovering how to improve the areas of your house that need it the most and to transform the flow of energy to attract what you really want. It is a journey inside of yourself and to create the decor that will bring you what is the best for you or your family. I will help you to reclaim your power and be the creator of your life.

We will:

– Work with the flow of the energy of your house.

– Do Space cleaning

– Work with a plan based on remedies to increase positive energy and decrease the bad energy.

– I will be a guide for your choice of colors, materials and objects.

– You did some choices in you life, even if you are living by yourself or sharing your house with the people who you love, your house should be the mirror or you or your family and a unique place that you can share with the people you choose to.

Today we can mix different style, materials and colors to create your print. Take you creator power and create the perfect life, I will be happy to share this journey wityou in a friendly and confident manner!