Abundant soulful traveler, I love going on adventures in quest of inspiration.

Passionated of animals, nature and healthy eating as well as everything that embellishes the soul or your home.

My journey began beyond 16 years ago through a pathway that led to the discovery of Reiki, Naturopathy, Shamanism, Feng Shui, NLP, Acupressure, Channeling, Home Staging, Redesign and yet, I still have a feeling that everything is just starting.
Through my ascent, numerous life experience and travels, I learn to develop my own personalize and intuitive approach.

The Balance of Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit are important in our life but also I believe our homes are an extention of ourselves.

Today, I have decided the moment has come to shared and help others.

My energy bears the mark of many rituals, and sacred places visited during my travels.

To know more or to follow me, I invite you to follow my blog.

Hope to meet you very soon!