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Bali, Indonesia

In 2016, I have been fortunate to spend almost 1 month in Bali, Indonesia.

Only a couple of  hours after I landed in Denpasar, in my shuttle towards Ubud, I knew this would be the beginning of a lifetime journey.

I am planning to spend a couple of weeks there again this year because, like some other places in the world, Bali is a place I could fully settle in and be happy. For me, Bali island is more than just a destination, it is a home.

Bali in old Javanese means ritual. Balinese culture is a unique mixture of ancient Javanese hinduism and older local traditions with influence from East Asia.  Island of the God, the island has a thousand temples.

People will say Ubud is the heart of Bali, place in which you will find Healers, Priests and Shaman.   It is the place to treat and realign Body, Mind and Emotions.  A place in which space clearing is done on a daily basis.  There is never a day in Bali Indonesia without a ceremony. Their ceremonies are to maintain a three way harmony between heaven, nature and man.

The Balinese live very close to their land.  Their homes are an extension of themselves.

The offerings consisting of fruits, rice, flowers are placed at strategic points around the temple.  There is much we can learn from their culture to enhance the quality of our own lives.  And Feng Shui and space clearing are already a complete way of life.

The next post bali indonesia part 2 will be about my journey with a Shaman and the youngest priests.

Ubud Monkey forest bali indonesia

 Bali, Republic of Indonesia.  Ubud.

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